“No question, I would highly recommend Splash to anyone looking to renovate their kitchen or bath. Their collaboration among their teammates and us made for an exceptional outcome. They offer very skilled design, color, cabinetry, and construction to provide a turn key proposal to any project, but none provided the customer support, design ideas, and ultimately the cabinetry customization that Splash offered. They are phenomenal. I highly recommend them.”

– J.R. (Newnan)

“From the start with their vision and design through completion with their online calendar, renovation was smooth and painless. They stayed on schedule throughout the project. They were even mindful of our budget for such a long project. I would highly recommend their expertise to anyone.”

– Dr. D.S. (LaGrange)

“I would recommend Splash to anyone at any time. From the beginning I was given a wide range of prices and products to choose from. The company created a schedule online that I could refer to and they held to that schedule. The company gave me a start date (which they adhere to) and an end date (which they adhered to). Again, I highly recommend working with Splash.”

– S.H. (Columbus)

“We were so encouraged after our first meeting with Splash. We appreciated the group meetings, the intense pre-project planning, and the group effort to try to attain and make what we wanted a reality. The entire team was very creative from the beginning and made the project very fun and exciting. They provided timelines, costs/budgets, and a construction app that was used for easy communication. Everything stayed on point, unless we made changes and then we were notified promptly. We have done many renovations to other properties, and although we were happy with most of the results, we were extremely happy with the entire process while working with Splash.

– T.G. (Columbus)