While we here in the south may still not be feeling winter’s chill, the design world is seeing a new revolution of crispness in both furniture and other design elements. The south has never really accepted the more modern trends of metropolitan areas, but the trends that we are seeing spring up here in the South do have more of these elements.

These elements are being meshed with what we’d refer to as “Classic” design. Door styles in cabinetry are simpler and often inset for cleaner lines, moldings are square, plumbing and light fixtures as well are more cubical in nature.

Frilly embellishments seen in the first decade have been replaced by more rectilinear lines, simpler styles emerging in the wake of the recession. As consumers simplify their lives down to what is most important, trends reflect our need to reduce the waste and focus on the essential elements in our life that deserve our focus. The clean lines emerging act as a quieter backdrop to our more decorative elements that we as southerners still love! Our mother’s antique chest or a piece of old architectural molding really stands out as special next to the cleaner lined elements, and both are enhanced.

We are southern, and we’ll still be traditional, but the coming wave is a lovely meshing of old and new that finds beauty in simplicity and allows simplicity to enhance other more traditional elements.