Currently, many of us are working from home during this pandemic. While on this lock-down, we are reminded of the multitude of projects needed to keep our homes up to date. There are many upgrades that are a priority in keeping the structural integrity of your home in living condition, such as the roof, windows, doors, etc., but what about the functionality of your home? Let’s face it, you’ve stared at your kitchen, bath or both for the past three months and you’re probably thinking it is lacking the look and functionality you desire but you’re not sure if the time is right to turn it into the perfect space.

We have all heard that our home is one of the biggest investments we will make in our lifetime, yet many clients have lived in their homes anywhere from 15 to 40 years without so much as a cosmetic update. Like the adage says: the most important areas of your home are “where the water runs.” A disruption in the service of a bathroom or a kitchen can cause major headaches and should be regularly maintained but did you know that even without a major issue your kitchen or bath could be costing you time and money? Needs, lifestyle, technology, and taste will all change as your home ages. Keeping up with those changes will not only keep you happy with your home, it will help retain the value in the housing market.

Updating an old kitchen or bathroom is not only visually appealing but time and cost efficient. If your kitchen is outdated, new technologies, space management, and energy efficient appliances and windows can increase the value of your home and lower home energy costs and usage. Where conservation is concerned it can also contribute to lowering the environmental footprint of your home. Many homes over 40+ years old can also contain harmful lead in which Splash is certified to remove safely. It is difficult to put a number on exactly when a kitchen or bath should be cosmetically or completely updated but generally speaking, a cosmetic upgrade should be done once, somewhere around 8 to 12 years of owning the home. They should not be repeated over and over as they will build up and, over time, make renovation more difficult. The more layers you must go through the more time and cost it takes.

The function of a space is more dependent on everyday needs and your changing lifestyle. You could say that the function of a kitchen out-dates itself every 20 years. Ask yourself, Are you expecting children? You may need to enlarge your kitchen or bathroom space to accommodate room for new arrivals. Are your children off to college? You can now focus on your own needs, such as turning your bathroom into a tranquil, spa like space. Maybe you are taking care of your parents and want to help them maintain their independence while keeping their space safe with enlarge showers or adjusted cabinets to accommodate with walkers and wheelchairs.

Our lives change, our personal space should change along with us. Your house may not be for sale today, but it may be some time in the future. The housing market in West Georgia has maintained itself well, even with the current situation and the future continues to look up. Kitchens and Bathrooms are on the top of every buyers list when searching for a new home. If these areas do not meet their form and functionality they are looking for, many buyers will simply pass or hit with a low offer. You can wait and upgrade right before you try to sell your home, or you can reap the benefits of having a new Kitchen or Bath while you are in it.

Splash can help you decided if the time is right for you and your budget. You can set up a complimentary in-showroom or virtual appointment to discuss where you are in the process of transforming your space. We will talk you through your budget, let you know where your budget will be best spent and offer you options that will fit your needs.


Article by Sandy Winslow