Now, more than ever, Splash is committed to taking every precaution possible to protect the health and safety of our clients, retail customers, and employees. Though home renovation is a hands-on, interactive experience, Splash has taken precautionary measures to limit exposure:

  • Splash employees will wash hands prior to all meetings.
  • Splash will keep hand sanitizer in our vehicles.
  • Splash employees will refrain from hand shaking.
  • Splash employees will socially distance and limit contact with home surfaces outside of our work zone.
  • Employees who have a temperature or feeling unwell will be asked to remain home.
  • If family member or close contact to an employee has a temperature or feeling unwell the employee will be asked to remain home.
  • Splash is keeping all internal surfaces and all items that come in contact with customers and employees wiped down as much as possible, however, we cannot guarantee a sterile environment, gloves and masks are provided for those entering our retail and showroom spaces.
  • We ask for the same considerations while our employees and contractors are renovating your home.