When you think of tile you usually think of kitchens and baths, however; tile is one of the more versatile materials in the industry. Tile can be made several different ways out of glass, granite, marble, metal, porcelain, slate, or stone. Each material has its own unique properties and maintenance procedures: marble must have daily care to prevent etching; natural stone has different care needs depending on the type used; glass is prone to breakage but can be lit from behind, offering a soft glow; and metals can offer drastically different looks from sleek and modern to rustic and antiqued. Depending on what you are looking for, there is always a tile to provide exactly what the space requires.

1. Geometric designs and floral patterns.

2. Blue, made popular by being Pantone™ and Sherwin-Williams color of the year, has become a dramatic, showstopping look.

3. Faux finishes, nature inspired: Wood, Stone, Marble. All low maintenance porcelain.

4. Large format tiles. (Tiles larger than 12″x12″)

5. Glass, Metallic, and Textured

Tile can be used as a dramatic entrance to your home, the focal point of your great room, on your fireplace, a backdrop to a beautiful kitchen and/or a major element in a showstopping bathroom. If your kitchen, bath, or any space needs updating, let Splash help you select and install the look you desire. Be bold. Be daring. Be timeless. The choice is yours.

-Article by Amanda, edited by Cathy, and photos from google (with the exception of the header by K.Ward Photography).