The big challenge for this new construction farmhouse kitchen was to create a space that, once completed, would resemble a collection of acquired pieces that had been passed down over time.  Although this was a new construction, they did not want it to seem "new". They desired an heirloom style that was full of personality and history. We achieved this by using a mix of new products and reclaimed materials for an eclectic blend of old and new. The challenge was to provide the homeowners with the best of what is available in kitchen technology but present it in vignettes that would look cohesive but acquired.  As if the kitchen had been added to with family items passed down over generations; all coming together in harmony.

We started by using contrasting yet complimentary cabinetry, making each section stand alone from each other. This created the feel that the pieces were added over many years. The large rustic beams on the ceiling and the custom reproduction antique sink with flanking custom iron tables give the impression of being inside a turn of the century farmhouse. There were many modern touches as well which complement the rest of the kitchen such as spice pullouts, towel pullouts, hidden built-in appliances and a pantry that has the look of an antique armoire; giving the homeowners the "modern" farmhouse kitchen they were hoping for.